7 Go-Kart Racing Tips to Improve Your Speed

7 Go-Kart Racing Tips to Improve Your Speed
Indoor go-kart racing in Frisco is a thrilling sport, giving you the opportunity to go as fast as you can. If you want to improve your pace, here are a few tips to remember.

Keep Your Hands Steady

A lot of go-kart drivers make the mistake of moving their hands on the wheel. Remember that karts have sensitive steering. Keep your hands locked at the quarter three position to ensure precise control over your kart.

Brake with Force

When you drive a car, you only need to step on the brake pedals to activate the brakes. When you’re behind the wheel of a go-kart, though, you’ll want to hit the brakes hard at first. Once they nearly lock, gradually release the brakes, especially when you get closer to a corner. Learn the basics of trail braking and do it like a pro.

Master the Turns

Turning is hard. It remains a challenge, even for experienced drivers. If you want to have a better time at your favorite go-kart racetracks, though, learning how to master those turns is key. The most important rule is to never take the turn too early. Slow down a bit before you turn and then aim for more speed after that. If you take turns too fast, you’ll always end up sliding wide on those corners.

Maximize Track Space

Use as much of the track as possible. Making wide turns for every corner will help improve your racing speed and nail those lap times.

Drive Smooth

Driving aggressively will only make the turns worse. When you drive, apply gentle and gradual force to the steering wheel. That way, you won’t surprise it, preventing sharp and sudden turns that make you lose speed on the race tracks. Master this technique and you’ll find it easier to make smoother turns.

Look Ahead

Karts are positioned very low, nearly close to the ground. While that improves stability and speed, it can overwhelm a first-time driver. Don’t focus your eyes on the few meters in front of the kart. Look further ahead. That will help your brain process everything much slower.

Getting Out of the Way

If you see karts speeding towards you, don’t get out of the way. Experienced drivers know how to avoid you. Ignore the karts whizzing past you instead. Focus on practicing so you can be as good as them. For more fun on your next trip to the tracks, pick the Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway for a few hours of indoor go-kart racing in Frisco.
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