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It can be stressful figuring out what to do on a night out, especially if it’s the first date. The typical dinner and a movie can be boring, and skydiving is probably a little too much. You want to make it unforgettable but not terrifying, right? Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway offers the perfect balance of indoor, weather-proof safety along with heart-pounding excitement. Let’s take a look at why it’s the ideal date, first or otherwise. 

It’s Foolproof

The perfect date requires a fair amount of planning and can easily be derailed by unexpected complications. A picnic in the park is so romantic, but what if storms make it a washout? No worries at our climate-controlled indoor track at Kartland – no matter what time of year it is, neither of you will end up hot, cold, or soaking wet. You can’t guarantee a second date, but you can guarantee the weather won’t ruin things. Even better, go-karting doesn’t require any training or skill. Our team is focused on making sure the two of you have a memorable experience regardless of whether either of you has ever raced before. And since we only use European-style electric karts, you also won’t be choking on exhaust fumes.

See Who’s Competitive

First date or fifth, you’re both still figuring out each other’s personalities. What better way to see who has a competitive streak than with an evening of racing? You’ll see how they handle the thrill of victory along with the agony of defeat, and you might have a friendly wager, say with the loser buying drinks or dinner. You can also see how your date reacts in unexpected or frustrating situations, and how they interact with people they don’t know. Maybe you’ll both end up enjoying it so much that you take part in our indoor karting league. After all, if they tell you “best two out of three,” then you probably have a keeper!

Stay Casual

First dates usually come with a lot of nerves for both people. Go-karting is a great way to have interactive fun and get to know each other better – whether it’s a brand new relationship, or if you’ve been together a while and want to try something more exciting than the movie theater. On top of that, no one has to dress up. Jeans and tennis shoes are the perfect attire for racing. You can even make it a group date with our help

Come Back for More

“Best two out of three” could turn into a championship series – you never know if one night of racing will become a return engagement. As you and your date learn the ins and outs of go-karting, you can compare strategies and techniques on the track as you improve your times. Not to mention, studies show that activities that increase adrenaline, also increase the level of attraction. So who knows? Down the line, the two of you might end up turning Kartland visits into family events!
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