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There’s nothing quite like a corporate party to break the stress and to improve the morale of your team after a long year of hard, productive work. A corporate party helps your team feel validated and strengthens their resolve to stay in the company to keep contributing to its growth and success.

However, we all know that launching a successful corporate event is no small task and you don’t just want to have another party “at that restaurant again”.

Our Kartland Corporate Parties allow you to avoid the typical Cut & Paste parties that most businesses hold each year. When you book one of our Kartland Corporate Parties, you are giving your employees a truly unique event that creates some friendly competition and will stay in their hearts and minds for years to come.

Why choose Kartland Corporate Parties?

Our team at Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway are industry experts with years of experience in both kart racing and in organizing corporate events ranging from small, local businesses to large multi-office organizations.

Here are just a few of the great reasons why our Kartland Corporate Parties are just what you need this year:

  1. It’s awesome competition:
    You’ve all worked hard and long this year but there’s nothing that helps blow off a little steam like a good old kart race. Kartland offers single race matches as well as Grand Prix-style events and much more in a fun and safe environment. You can mix it up all you want so you can enjoy the thrill of Kart racing at its best.
  2. Great for team-building:
    Whie racing against your Accounting team members may sound like a dream come true, we are sure that you’ll also get a kick out of our various mini-games as well. They are full of high-energy and thrills that will have your staff laughing in tears and celebrating their newfound connections.
  3. Rain or shine, it’s your party, your tracks:
    When you book a Kartland Corporate Party, you own the track for the duration of the event. That means no worrying about having to compete with our regular customers or even rival companies.In addition, our tracks are meticulously designed with your safety in mind so if it rains outside, the only thing you need to worry about is grabbing a raincoat and enjoy your racing!
  4. Affordable, hassle-free corporate packages:
    At Kartland Racing, we understand how difficult organizing a corporate event can be and the impact they can have on your bottom line.That’s why we take care of doing most of the legwork for you at an affordable price so you can spend your time and effort in enjoying you well-deserved celebration with your staff.
  5. Full catering, full speed ahead!
    Nothing like winding down an exhilarating kart race with some delicious snacks, wraps, beers and so much more! Our all-inclusive catering packages offers businesses all sorts of combinations and specials for everyone to enjoy. Need individual or vegan-only offerings? No problem, we got you covered with all the options you can throw at us.

Make your next corporate party a can’t-miss event. Call us today to get more info.

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