Gas vs. Electric Go-Karts: What’s the Difference?

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Here at Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway, we’re proud to offer drivers European style electric go-karts for their racing experience. Originally, most go-karts were gas-powered, just like most cars on the road today. Gas go-karts cost less and have shorter downtimes since it’s faster to gas up a tank than to recharge an electric engine. However, we’ve chosen electric go-karts thanks to their many advantages.

Engines, Torque, and Power

There’s a popular misconception that gas karts are faster – wrong! Even today’s Formula 1 racecars incorporate electric power, which allows them to create up to an extra 160bhp when the driver accelerates. (For at least six years, Formula E racers have competed using entirely electric engines.) In addition to that benefit, electric motors result in instant torque, meaning you’re able to reach maximum power as soon as you hit the throttle. In just a few seconds you’ll be close to 50 miles per hour! The electric karts also have a better power to weight ratios, so turns are made easier due to faster and more responsive acceleration; this also results in a smoother ride. Amazing technology plus advanced aerodynamics equals an incredible go-kart experience.


Since our karts don’t have fuel in them, there’s no danger of fire in the event of an accident. Another plus is that drivers won’t get burned by overheated parts since the mechanical components are covered. They’re also less likely to flip or tip over, thanks to the battery weight being evenly distributed in the kart. And if you spin out or crash on the track, your electric kart has a reverse gear. You’re able to back up on your own instead of waiting for a track employee to venture onto the track to give you a push to safety.

Environmental Friendliness

One of the best parts of racing indoors is enjoying air-conditioned comfort instead of having to deal with the Texas heat – but if you were using a gas-powered engine, you and everyone else would also be inhaling unhealthy fumes. We would need to install a clean-air exchange system to deal with all the exhaust. Our electric go-karts have zero emissions, meaning you can breathe easy instead of worrying about carcinogen exposure to pollutants like nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, benzene plus carbon monoxide and dioxide. These are proven to cause respiratory damage, cardiovascular issues, and more. There’s also no risk of dangerous fuel spills on the track, so they stay free of stains and slicks. And charging the karts has no impact on drivers or the environment.

We’ll Stick to Electric

Electric go-karts were developed over two decades ago in Italy and France, and they’ve proven their value over the years. From increasing the karts’ abilities to providing safety for drivers and spectators, to protecting the environment, we believe they provide the greatest bang for the buck. They spend less time getting maintenance, thanks to fewer moving parts, and more time on the track. Contact Kartland today to schedule the thrill ride of a lifetime!
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