Go Karting – The Importance of Safety Gear

Go Karts
Go karts offer fun and exciting entertainment. People of all ages love this sport because you get the chance to drive fast cars and enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of a professional race car driver, all while never leaving go kart racetracks in Frisco TX. However, because you are traveling fast, it is important to have the right kind of safety gear. Here are some of the basic things you should consider before you check out a go kart facility.

Head Protection

Protecting the brain is the most important thing you can do. You should use an approved helmet offering the most protection for your head. You also may want to include a face shield for extra protection.

Rib Vests

Some kart racing accidents end up with rib injuries. This happens when the cart flips over, and the driver gets thrown about. Rib vests prevent many injuries especially painful broken ribs.

Protective Clothing

Your body could receive injuries in accidents, so protective clothing is very important to prevent things like “road rash.” You should consider body suits, gloves, and special shoes made for karting.

Neck Collars

When the human body travels fast and comes to an abrupt stop, it can create a whipping motion in the neck and upper back. This is the law of inertia which states “bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.” Painful whiplash injuries can occur in these types of accidents, and neck braces keep the neck from getting whipped about.

Mandatory Protection

Although go karts are safe entertainment, accidents can and sometimes do occur. Mandatory protection depends on the outdoor or indoor go kart racing Frisco TX facility you choose. Ready to ride? Contact Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway for more details or call us at 1-972-727-7223.
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