Handy Advice on How to Improve Your Go Kart Racing Game

Up the speed on your go kart when you’re out on the racetracks. Check out the following driving tips to help you improve your performance on your next trip to your favorite go-kart racetracks in Frisco, TX.

Adjust Your Strategy

You’ll need to come up with different strategies when you drive electric and propane karts. You’ll need to factor in the limitations of each one. For instance, electric karts demonstrate limited top speeds and come with high-torque engines. They can also go from zero to sixty much quicker and achieve top speed with greater ease. Propane karts, though, need time to rev up their engines, much like a conventional car does. That’s why they have different lines around the track.

Ensure Fewer Turns

They say the driver with fewer turns of the wheel will often come out on top of the race. That observation is true for indoor kart drivers. Keep your turns to a minimum to increase your chances of winning.

Keep the Throttle Open

If you absolutely can’t avoid using the throttle and brake at the same time, then go for it. Doing this when you’re at the wheel of a propane kart will lead to a bit of slowdown in your rear axle. However, that’s much better, given the alternative, which can be a power-robbing surge. So, if you find yourself in that situation, keep the throttle open with your right foot while you brush the brake with your left.

Slides Aren’t Always Bad

Sliding takes time, so while it’s fun, you’ll want to prevent slides if you’re trying to come out on top of everyone else. However, if there is a sharp left and right transition coming up on the track, then you’ll want to flick the kart to one side. Don’t press on your brakes just yet. Just let the steering wheel catch. If you do this right, it should snap back the other way. That’s going to let you reduce your momentum on the first turn so you can gain a bit more power in your second turn. Doing a slide in hairpins can also help you conserve a bit more momentum. If you drive a propane kart, then you’ll want to keep this piece of advice in mind.

Improve your chances of breaking the record. Try out these tips when you pay a visit to one of the best go-kart racetracks in Frisco, TX, the Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway.

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