Kart Races – Prepare and Follow These Steps

Kart Races - Prepare

A fun night in Frisco, TX starts with a good idea. For corporate events, fundraisers, or just some family time, indoor go-kart racing is a unique way to share some memorable thrills. Since its start in 1956, kart racing on indoor and outdoor tracks has grown into its own sport and launched the careers of NASCAR and Formula One drivers. The sport has changed a lot from early karts with two-stroke motors and a scanty tube-framed kart to fully electric and pro racing models capable of 0 to 60 in three seconds with full safety features.

Get Ready, Get Set

Karts are not just one-size-fits-all. Go-kart race tracks offer karts in adult, youth, and junior sizes. State and local regulations may govern who operates what kart, with some areas allowing junior car drivers to be as young as six years old. As with amusement park rides, there’s a minimum height requirement to drive. Adults must sign a waiver to drive and must have a valid driver’s license. Parents must sign a waiver for minor children who will be operating junior or youth karts.

Some other safety rules may apply before you will be allowed to drive:

  • No sandals were bare feet will be allowed. Wear closed-toe shoes to go karting.
  • Clothing may be comfortable, but must not be long, flowing, or fluttery. Do not wear loose clothing.
  • All riders must wear helmets.
  • No bumping of other drivers’ cars is allowed at any time. Go-karts are not bumper cars.
  • Try not to run into barriers and bumpers.
  • At no time should you stop on the track, or get out of your cart on the track. If your cart breaks down, wait for assistance.
  • Long hair must be secured before putting on a helmet.

Make Your Night

When it comes to indoor go-kart racing in Frisco TX, Kartland is your first stop for a night of family fun, or any other event. Our electric go-karts offer zero emissions so that they can operate safely inside, without putting out any toxic exhaust. These go-karts are maintained by our on-site full-time mechanic, offer high acceleration, and exceptional handling. With top speeds of 45 miles per hour and state-of-the-art specifications, you’ll find that these are not your childhood go-karts. Get ready for a fast and fun evening with your friends and family at Kartland!

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