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European Style Electric Go-Karts

Incredible speed and incredible handling are what people have come to expect from the newest generation of electric go-karts. These “European style” karts, developed in Italy and France more than 20 years ago, are growing in popularity due to their quickness and easy maintenance compared to gas alternatives.

We maintain our state-of-the-art fleet of electric-powered karts throughout the year in our 50,000-square-foot facility. With our full-time mechanic on staff, our karts can spend less time in the shop and more time out on our high-grip track setting new personal bests.

Zero Emissions

With no emissions, our electric go-karts are eco-friendly, safe for driver and spectator alike, and operate easily indoors without releasing noxious fumes. That means when temperatures rise in the Summer, Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway is your #1 destination for fast-paced, air-conditioned excitement.

Electric kart motors are more efficient than gas and rely on fewer moving parts. The 18-horsepower electric motor delivers immediate torque to the drivetrain, accelerating you from zero to speeds approaching 50 miles per hour in seconds. The acceleration and handling of these electric go-karts simply cannot be matched.

Electric Go-Kart Specs

The most powerful of our three divisions of electric go-karts represent the next generation in karting. Their Formula 1 inspired technology and aerodynamics meet peak performance standards. Each kart features a 48-volt, 18 horsepower AC induction motor that provides high torque at optimal RPM levels. Compare that to gas-powered karts, which average around six horsepower, and this improved power-to-weight ratio results in much faster and more responsive acceleration through the turns. Every system on the kart is electronically adjustable, and we continuously monitor performance to ensure that every kart operates at an equally high standard.

Electric Go-Kart Features:

  • Top speed of 45 mph
  • 48-volt, 18 horsepower AC induction electric motor
  • High-torque at optimal RPMs delivers rapid acceleration
  • Forward-Reverse switch gives you full maneuverability
  • Radio controlled speed and pit speed reduction
  • Hydraulic rear disc brakes
  • Four 12-volt deep-cycle batteries
  • Rapid Recharge capability (6–12 minutes)
  • F1 inspired performance radial tires

Eager to give the latest karting technology a spin around our track? Plan your visit or contact one of our racing experts today.

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