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Kartland Waves the Green Flag for Indoor Frisco Fun

I understand these are really bad puns right from the word “Go,” but I’m going to cut to the chase and steer you to the place where you’re encouraged to put your foot down. You need to go to Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway. Are your kids staring at their iPads or television screens? They should be staring down the competition on the race track instead. Are you catching up on emails and logging in for your next Zoom meeting? You should be catching the other racers and zooming past them to log the win instead. Are you ready to wear a helmet instead of a mask? Are you ready to push the accelerator instead of a pencil? Are you ready for me to stop asking questions and using wordplay to get you excited about Kartland? Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway is a premier, family-owned indoor racing experience right here in Frisco, Texas. Located near John W. Elliott Drive and All Stars Avenue, this state of the art, 50,000 square foot facility accommodates any and all drivers. They’re serious about this. If you’re a kid that only knows how to drive Mario Kart, they’ve got a car for you. If you’re a business professional who likes to be a speed freak on the weekends, they’ve got a track for you. If you’re a professional racer who needs to brush up on some skills, they’ve got steering wheels to commandeer and turns to hug. And it’s all indoors.

The Cars We Drive Say a Lot About Us

Kartland offers a fleet of “European style” electric karts that were developed in Italy and France more than 20 years ago. That means these karts, with their impeccable speed and precision handling, are both Italian and French. That’s indisputable science right there. It also means that since the karts aren’t gas-powered they can deliver the highest performance without losing any quickness, not to mention eliminating the unhealthy emissions that gas-powered engines would put off and trap in an indoor environment. The karts are also easier to maintain, and with a full-time mechanic on staff, the karts spend more time on the tracks than on the racks. As with anything this awesome, there have to be proper safety measures in place before you allow yourself or your thrill-seeking kiddos out on the track. There’s the standard waiver and release of liability form, and of course, any racers under 18 years of age will need a parent or legal guardian to sign that form on their behalf. That’s to be expected. You will attend a safety briefing before your race to go over rules and regulations so you know how to kart responsibly. Of course, a helmet is required, and this is kart racing not bumper cars. Outside of that and a few other standard, reasonable rules, you’re free to fulfill your need for speed. And no texting and karting. I’m a father of two daughters who have about seven years of age between them. It’s always frustrating taking the family to the fair or a carnival or theme park, and one kid is either too big or too little for them both to experience the same rides. At Kartland, you just need to be six years old, four feet tall, and bulletproof. Maybe not bulletproof, but at least your little one needs to demonstrate the ability to operate the Junior Kart properly and safely. Then there’s the Youth Kart that requires 12 years of age, 56 inches of height, and a willingness to make other drivers on the track with you feel inferior to your skills. This is all-inclusive, climate-controlled, exhilarating, and safe entertainment for the entire family. Oh, and for you “older” folks out there with a valid driver’s license, buckle into the Adult Kart for the ultimate indoor racing experience. Pine tree air fresheners optional? There’s so much to offer here, including an indoor karting league, that I encourage you to check out the Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway website and see what type of driving experience is right for you and your family.

Learning That Takes Off FAST

I want to point out their STEM Program, though. As someone who has written for and worked with educational companies in various capacities over the years, I feel that practical applications of learning are an impactful teaching tool with students. Kartland offers an interactive STEM presentation delivered by a STEM educator to show your knowledge-absorbing drivers how something as cool as racing an indoor kart at top speed for fun can also demonstrate a real-world application of Newton’s Laws of Motion. If or when schools and classes feel safe enough and empowered enough to begin field trips again, giving students a chance to get an adrenaline rush while also learning how to determine speed, velocity, and acceleration of moving objects (while they’re personally the moving object) is the kind of learning that can really take off fast.

Start Your Engines

So whether you’re Days of Thunder, Talladega Nights, Fast and Furious, or just Herbie the Love Bug, you’ll find something at Kartland that will make you wonder why you’ve been collecting dust in your garage for so long instead of fastening the helmet, gripping the wheel, pressing the peddle, and realizing the difference between virtual and reality. I would say you could literally put your concerns in your rearview mirror, but I don’t think the karts have rearview mirrors so I guess you could figuratively do that. I’m not sure. They might cover that in the STEM program. Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway Lifestyle Frisco You can read the entire article HERE.
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