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Team events can be amazing experiences. Whether it’s an office/company, a church group, or a sports team, people are excited by having a special event that gets them out of the daily routine. Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway is a great place for your next group outing. But this type of outing requires precise planning in order for everything to go smoothly, and today we’ll talk about the important steps that can make sure yours is a success.

Establish Your Timeline and Team

No matter the size of your group, it’s vital to plan ahead instead of waiting until the last minute and hoping things work out. When will the event be? Who’s in charge? You’ll probably want to check and see if your venue of choice is running any promotions, so you can budget efficiently. Having a planning committee or at least a few responsible people in charge will create a better event for everyone. This isn’t the time to fly by the seat of your pants.

Determine the Goal

Is this a celebration for achieving a sales goal, or a reward for having a great season? Maybe it’s a team-building time to encourage people or just a fun way to do something different as a group. Regardless, knowing your reason for the get-together will help you decide how to proceed. It will also help with figuring out your logistics and agenda.

Budget, Date and Time

Again, plan ahead. Kartland offers a wide variety of options for your group to choose from. You can rent our Victory Lounge by the hour or for an entire day. If it’s a corporate event and you have a large team, you may want to consider a Facility Buyout so your people will be the only ones there. Sometimes our track is closed for private events (like yours), so make sure you reserve well in advance to get the day and time that works best for your outing!

Logistics and Agenda

Do you want to serve food and beverages, or perhaps have a private bartender? Is there a specific schedule you want to use, such as to present awards or showcase the events of the year or season? This is closely related to your goal for the event. You’ll also want to review the rules before you arrive at the venue, not after. No one wants your people to run into problems simply because they didn’t know what to expect.

Getting Expert Help

You’re the expert for your office, sports, or church group – but not for the place you’re throwing the party. Be sure to establish contact early on, so you have someone to answer questions and deal with anything unexpected that might require a change of plans. This gives you a much better chance for a successful event.

Have Fun!

With the right planning, your event will be an unforgettable one. Contact Kartland to schedule an outing for your group – we can’t wait to have you visit us for the ride of a lifetime!
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