Ready, Set, Race!

Ready Set Race!
You’ve just been invited to your very first go-karting event. Whether it’s a friend’s birthday party, a first date, or a corporate outing, you’re going to have a blast at Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway. You’re excited but at the same time, you also have no idea what to expect! Never fear, we’ll walk you through some things that will prepare you to fall in love with this sport just like many others.

Know Yourself and Your Group

  Go KartingAre you ultra-competitive? What about the people you’re with? Competition is great, but there are a time and place and a reason it’s often referred to as “friendly.” Unless you’re running in an actual race (which we hope you’re not doing on your very first visit), you might want to tamp down those cutthroat characteristics so you can actually have fun! You might not win every race, and you definitely should have fun the entire time!  

We Made You a Cheat Sheet

  Spoiler alert…you can absolutely have a great time without knowing a thing before you walk in. But we wanted to give first-timers an idea of what to expect, so take a look at Karting 101 if you’re interested. You’ll find a brief synopsis of the sport’s history, information on our all-electric karts , and best of all some driving tips.

Tips and Tricks

  Speaking of driving tips, let’s talk about a few. This isn’t the Dallas North Tollway, so changing lanes across four lanes of traffic while simultaneously stomping on the gas and brake pedals doesn’t work as well. Smoother driving means a faster time, and while you don’t want to ruin the fun by being overly competitive, you probably do want to win! Also, drafting really does work just like you learned from Tom Cruise in the movie Days of Thunder. If you safely follow the faster drivers, you’ll have lower lap times. And this may seem like a no-brainer, but try not to hit the barriers or other go-karts. It makes your kart harder to handle and also slows you down.  

Play By the Rules

  We made that easy on you too – here are the rules for Kartland. Beyond needing to be a certain height for the different karts, it’s all pretty much common sense. You have to attend a safety briefing before getting your kart; wear closed-toed shoes and a helmet; make sure your hair or clothing won’t get in the way, and never stop your kart or get out of it while you’re on the track. And again, this isn’t bumper carts, so no hitting the other racers!  

Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!

We know you’ll have a fantastic time racing with us at Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway . You might even fall in love with the sport and decide to join the Indoor Karting League. After all, go-karting is where some of the greatest Formula One drivers in history got their starts. If you want more information, check out our FAQs or call us with any questions. We can’t wait to see you!
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