Stress Relief, One Lap at a Time

Kartland Performance Raceway | Frisco TX
Stress is a reality of life for everyone, sometimes more than others. We never know the challenges each day will bring, or how effectively we’ll be able to deal with them. Flying around the tracks at Frisco’s Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway is a great way to reduce that stress! Let’s take a look at some scientifically proven reasons why.  

Escape With Friends and Family

Research is clear: the more time we spend in the company of other people, the happier and less stressed out we are. There’s a great deal of proof that socializing results in living longer, finding more joy, and staying mentally sharp. Kartland’s racing options make it easy to plan a fantastic group outing. How about a fun evening for your church youth group? We offer Wednesday night specials just for them. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or other special event, or just want a more interesting night out, our group racing experiences will lower everyone’s stress – so contact us to plan the best event ever.  

Laughter, the Best Medicine

One thing’s for sure: you’ll be smiling and having fun throughout your visit to Kartland. And studies have shown that people are less likely to be overwhelmed by stress if they make sure to have fun regularly! Adults aren’t as good as kids at making time for fun, so they often need help changing their attitudes (any of your colleagues come to mind?). As the playwright, George Bernard Shaw said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” We can get everyone at your office laughing – check out our options for corporate events.  

Exercise Benefits

Did you know go-karting is a great workout? Believe it or not, you can average burning over 300 calories in just a half-hour while doing it – more than trampolining or even jogging! It’s not just a matter of sweating from the excitement, either. Personal trainer Matt Plowman explains: “Karting also gets your heart rate up and works your core and forearms too, as you are constantly twisting and turning your body to maneuver the vehicle, improving your bicep and tricep muscles.” On top of building strength, go-karting also helps racers develop faster reflexes, boost their concentration levels, and of course build confidence as they improve their performance on the track. So what sounds more fun, spending a few hours grinding it out at the gym or “working out” by having a blast at Kartland?  

Race Away the Stress

Sometimes we all need a mental break from the hassles of everyday life. Stress can come from internal or external forces, and go-karting can help. Take a break and come to Kartland, where you can drive away from your stress, at least for a while. Whether you want to arrive and drive or plan ahead, whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced league racer, we offer an experience unlike any other. See you on the track!
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