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Welcome to Texas Pit Lane, our indoor karting blog and your source for regular updates and insights into the world of indoor go kart racing. You’ll find information on the latest trends in go kart racing as well as tips and tricks to help you maximize your experience at Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway.

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Go-Karts to Greatness

From Go-Karts to Greatness: the Record Racers

July 21, 2020

At Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway, we know people that aren’t familiar with go-karting sometimes think it’s a kids’ pastime. Would you be surprised to know that many professional racers started on go-karts? Today w...

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Karts and Kids

Go-Karts and Kids

June 11, 2020

So your child says, “Hey, I want to try go-karting!” You probably have some questions...is it safe? Is it supervised? Are they going to be flying around a track at 100 miles an hour with 50 other karts? Never fear, we’ll let you know how it works and what your kids can expect at Kartland Performa...

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Kartland Performance Raceway

Summer is Best at Kartland!

May 11, 2020

Racing go-karts at Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway is great at any time of year, and we think summer might be the best time of all! Sure, you can b...

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Kartland Performance Raceway | Frisco TX

Stress Relief, One Lap at a Time

April 4, 2020

Stress is a reality of life for everyone, sometimes more than others. We never know the challenges each day will bring, or how effectively we’ll be able to deal with them. Flying around the tracks at Frisco’s

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go karting kartland performance raceway

Gas vs. Electric Go-Karts: What’s the Difference?

March 18, 2020

Here at Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway, we’re proud to offer drivers European style electric go-karts fo...

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